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Do you remember the first video game, anime, or CG film that captured your heart? At ReiRaz Craft, we're passionate about capturing those fleeting moments and turning them into lasting memories. Our high-quality, non-toxic polyethylene beads combined with various art media create unique and beautiful pieces that celebrate your favorite video games and pop culture icons. Located in the Greater Seattle area, we specialize in creating custom bead sprite art that captures the essence of your favorite memories.

Let us help you share your story with your friends, family, and confidants.


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Yoko Goodwin

Creative Director

Yoko is the creative force behind ReiRaz Craft, LLC. Her talent extends to various fields including carpentry, landscaping, culinary arts, and sewing, but for the sake of business, she has focused on arts and crafts.

Yoko has always had a vision for pop culture art, and she's constantly expanding her knowledge of retro video game art to improve ReiRaz Craft's growing library of stories. Her creativity knows no bounds, and no project is too big or too small for her.

Yoko's goal is to continue creating beautiful art stories that can be shared with others. She wants her children to grow up knowing the power of imagination and creativity, and she hopes to inspire others to explore their own creativity.

Ryk Goodwin

Managing Director

Ryk has been a fan of 8 and 16-bit games since childhood. He loved how the art, music, and gameplay all combined to create an immersive experience. Ryk knew from an early age that he wanted to give back to the community that had given him so much.

One day, after seeing Yoko's beautiful canvas pieces, Ryk decided to create a brand that would allow both of them to share her art with the world. His goal is to turn ReiRaz Craft into a successful and thriving business that will provide his children with the opportunity to express themselves creatively by managing and maintaining the business in the years to come.


Unless otherwise noted in the description, all pieces created by ReiRaz Craft, LLC are not licensed or endorsed by the original authors. Our intention is to represent the views of the copyright holders, but our pieces are not products of the original authors, nor are they intended to emulate their work.

Our works are expressions of dedication protected by the 1st Amendment in the case of parodies, and by Fair Use in the case of tributes and/or mash-ups. They are "transformative" and in our own unique style, and they do not damage the copyright holder's reputation, branding, or financial standing.

Our work exists from our passion for that which we admire and appreciate, and that are of large enough standing and reputation that our pieces will not damage them in any way. We encourage all to support the actual authors and copyright holders of the brands, characters, and logos they love whenever possible.

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